Wrapping Crispycones in a branded napkin is a simple, environmentally-friendly way to serve the product if it is going to be eaten right away. If your customers are going to be walking around with the product, sitting down to eat it, or eating it later on, here are a few easy solutions:

1. Cone Sleeves
Paper sleeves designed for the ice cream cone market can be re-purposed for Crispycones. They protect the hand while eating the cone and can be branded to promote your company. These sleeves can be sourced from a local restaurant supply store or online.

2. Pyramid Stands
Our collapsible pyramid stands* can be designed with your logo or ours. They lay flat for efficient storage and do not require any assembly.

3. Take-away Packaging
The simplest way to package Crispycones "to go" is to wrap the cone in wax-lined foil, which provides insulation and will keep the cone intact. Alternatively, individual cones can be packed in an attractive cardboard box*, which stores flat and is very easy to assemble.

*Note: minimum quantities on these items do apply. Please inquire for details.