Crispycones can be cooked in conventional, convection, combi steam, and rapid-cook ovens, such as Turbo Chef. Very little specialty equipment is required. In fact, if you follow Option 1. (see Instructions) and cook the cones empty prior to filling, the cones can be heated on a sheet tray by simply turning them upside down. If you follow Options 2. or 3. and fill the cones prior to cooking, then our stainless steel cooking stands can be used to stand the cones upright in the oven. The stands are available in three sizes: 2-cone, 6-cone, 20-cone. Please inquire for details.

Pan grippers and cooking tongs make it easy to remove the cooking stands from the oven and place the cooked cone in a holder for your customers. A honey dropper can be used to sauce the inside of a cone. A small ice-cream scooper can be used to fill the cones with your own ingredients. An espresso tamper (or something similar) can be used to tamp the fillings down inside the cone.

Unless you are cooking Crispycones to order, we strongly recommend using a glass-enclosed warming cabinet to "hold" the cones until they are served. This is a great way to display the product and educate your target audience. Custom inserts available; please inquire for details.

Fabricated for the ice cream market, these stands come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, resin, and coated metal, and can hold multiple cones. Stylish and attractive, these stands are ideal for dine-in service and in operations where dish washing is available.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, these items above can be sourced from your local restaurant supply store or online.

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