How are Crispycones different than ice cream cones?
Crispcyones are baked savory dough products that can be filled with all kinds of food. The dough is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, and our cones are best when eaten warm. Crispycones are seamless and drip free, and they don’t crumble or crack when you bite into them. Ice cream cones are sweet, dry, crunchy and break when you bite them.

How are Crispycones prepared?
Crispycones are shipped frozen and need to be heated at the point of sale. Empty cones can be heated and then filled with hot or cold food, or they can be filled with food and then heated, prior to serving. The cones can also be filled in advance by the operator and stored in a freezer or refrigerator for future use. The cones should be heated in a conventional, convection, or rapid-cook oven, and held in a warming cabinet if not served right away.

What is the dough made of?
The dough is made of the finest, natural ingredients available using our proprietary recipes.

Do the cones ever get soggy?
No, unlike pizza, Crispycones are baked inside and out before the cones are ever filled, creating a crust barrier that helps withstand moisture seepage. Cook times vary with each filling to control the crispness. For example, a “pizza cone” is heated to achieve more of a crust, whereas a “deli cone” is heated a bit less to create a softer, more pliable dough similar to that of a panini.

Does the cone ever get too hot to hold?
The exterior does not get hotter than a freshly baked pizza crust and, like pizza, it’s ideal to have a short dwell time when it comes out of the oven before handing it to the customer. A heat proof sleeve can be provided for added convenience. A big advantage of Crispycones over pizza or hot sandwiches is that the ingredients inside the cone stay warm much longer since only the top layer of filling is exposed to the air.

Where can I get Crispycones?
Crispycones can be found in a variety of quick service restaurants and gourmet food trucks throughout the country. We expect to offer Crispycones in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store in the near future. Check back regularly for updates.