The #1 Choice in Savory Baked Bread Cones
With a short flaky bite, Crispycones are savory and delicious. Made with quality, natural ingredients, our cones are baked to perfection. Consumers love them because they taste great and are fun to eat. Operators love them because they are innovative, convenient, and profitable.  

Sturdy enough to hold virtually any type of hot or cold food, Crispycones are ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime in between. Fillings can range from eggs to salads, pizza to deli, BBQ to stews, and even dessert. Now everyone can enjoy the foods they love, on the go, with Crispycones.

Quality, Consistency and Food Safety are our top priorities. To ensure our products measure up to the highest standards, our ingredients are sourced from industry leaders. Our cones are baked and filled at a HACCP/USDA plant. Our patented equipment and process allow us to meet virtually any demand.

Crispycones look, feel and taste like artisanal breads. They are portable, seamless, and mess free. They heat quickly to a perfect crisp in a variety of ovens, including conventional, convection, and rapid-cook ovens, allowing for easy integration across all food service platforms.

Crispycones range from snack to meal size, are perfect for all day parts, and make portion control simple and consistent. Crispycones are a perfect fit for: Restaurants, Food Trucks, Convenience Stores, Entertainment and Sports Venues, Schools and Universities, Corporate Cafeterias, and Institutional Caterers.

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