Crispycones is the invention of New York-based chef and food stylist Nir Adar. With a passion for food and all things new, Nir conceived the idea of eating "A Meal in a Cone" while observing pizza being eaten by the slice and seeing the toppings slide off the crust. “What if I could curl the pizza all the way around and seal it tight? It would be just like a cone...hey, it would be a cone!" He quickly realized that a cone like this would be fantastic for so many other foods as well.

Nir set out to create the perfect cone for eating anything that could be eaten on pizza, between two slices of bread, on a bagel, in a taco, on a pita or in a wrap. His quest: to make it possible to eat all the foods you love on the go. Take beef stew, for example. It's hot. It's nutritious. It's typically eaten while sitting down. Not anymore, now you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere with Crispycones.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends and colleagues, Nir knew he was onto something. The next step was to make Crispycones a reality. This was no easy feat since nothing like it existed. Everything - the baking equipment, processes, recipes - had to be invented to be able to bake the perfect cone in terms of taste, texture, portability, and scalability. It wasn't easy, but he got the job done by assembling a team of baking experts, food technologists, engineers, manufacturers, and marketers to develop a commercially viable product that could be enjoyed by everyone.